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Ferro chem Industries are Exporters and Suppliers of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs and Intermediates having specialization in Ferrous Fumarate I.P/B.P/U.S.P are proud to be one of the India's largest Manufacturers.

Magnesium Gluconate U. S. P.
Mol Formula : C12H22MgO142H2O
Mol Weight : 450.64
Description : White Crystaline Powder
pH : 6 to 7.8 for 5% solution
Chlorides : Less than 500 ppm
Sulphate : Less than 500 ppm
Arsenic : Less than 2 ppm
Heavy Metals : Less than 20 ppm
Reducing Substances : Limit to pass the test
Loss on Drying : 3 to 12%
Organic Vol. Imp. : Limit to pass the test
Assay on Dry Basis : 98% to 102%